Advantages of ASP.Net MVC

Since its release there is been constant debate among the Microsoft Community about Web Forms Vs ASP.Net MVC. Many people think eventually ASP.Net MVC will replace the traditional Web Forms. Basically ASP.Net MVC is another approach for Web Development with ASP.Net rather than a replacement to the traditional Web Forms. However, the fact is that both of them provide a different approach for web development. They are not here to replace each other, instead they will co-exist. While developing any project or applications you just need to make the right choice.

I will not jump into ASP.Net MVC Vs Web Forms. Instead, we will discuss about ASP.Net MVC advantages.

Following are some advantages of building applications using ASP.Net MVC.

  1. It makes it easier to manage the applications by dividing an application into Models, Views & Controllers.
  2. Support for Test Driven Development (TDD).
  3. It provides more control & extensibility over the page life cycle and provides the ability to substitute several key features of the framework. This was not at all available in ASP.Net Web Forms.
  4. It is an extremely extensible & pluggable framework where in the components can be customized or replaced as per need. This allows us to have better control over the framework.
  5. ASP.Net MVC uses REST (Representational State Transfer) based URL, which makes it SEO (Search Engine Friendly).
  6. There is no concept of ViewtState in ASP.Net MVC, which used to add a lot more JavaScript to the page making the final Html fat.
  7. Good support for existing ASP.Net MVC features. It lets us to use existing ASP.Net MVC features such as Forms and Windows Authentication, URL Routing, ASP.Net membership & roles, caching, session & state management, etc.
  8. Tight control over Html mark up. ASP.Net MVC provides a clean and standard compliant mark-up. Its build in helper methods generates standard output. It encourages you to create simple mark up with CSS.
  9. Open source. Unlike the other versions of ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC is open source. This means you are free to download the original source code & compile it by customizing the source as per our needs.
  10. Since there are no Events, Post Backs & View States in ASP.Net MVC, it truly implements the stateless nature of the HTTP.

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